A Beginning

A Beginning

Conquering Frontiers.

Frontiers. We often make great journeys to reach the very edge of these frontiers. Wondering often, if we have that something in us that take us above and beyond. It is in the face of these frontiers that we shed all of what is unimportant and carry along those things and thoughts that make us go further and further into the unknown.

Fabre Leuba has designed many such instruments, a friend in the face of these mighty frontiers. Instruments that never fails, instruments that are precise to the last little detail.

Thomas, the CEO of Fabre-Leuba took a step further and reached Ladakh, a place nestled in the extremes of the Himalayas. As summer fades in these mountains, winter brings upon frontiers that don’t just stand in the distance but come straight at you. In the face of these everyday frontiers, Thomas seeked for everyday folk who are conquering frontiers by the minute.

Everyday adventurers such as Lhakpel, a science teacher who crosses a winding frozen river for days to access the rest of the world, or the shepherdess of Puga whose frontier comes in the form the unforgiving wind that surrounds her little tent, or the director of the Snow leopard Conservancy in Leh, Tsewang, who is constantly climbing past high ridges in the effort to conserve the habitat of the snow leopard, the ghost cat. These resilient people need no reason to find and conquer a frontier, it simply comes in the form of living their everyday lives. And we at Fabre-Leuba are honoured to tell their stories.